We undertake engineering construction services in the world

Our company’s main service items are highway engineering construction, railway engineering construction, municipal engineering construction business involving construction engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel railway engineering, earthwork engineering, pile foundation engineering construction, construction labor subcontracting, construction engineering leasing and many other fields.

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Building Construction

The process of turning various lines on design drawings into real objects at designated locations. It includes basic engineering construction, main structure construction, roofing engineering construction, decoration engineering construction, etc.

road construction

Survey, measurement, design, construction, maintenance, management, etc. of highway structures. Highway engineering structures include: roadbeds, pavements, bridges, culverts, tunnels, drainage systems, safety protection facilities, greening and traffic monitoring facilities, and construction

bridge construction

The process of building bridges; mainly refers to bridge construction technology and construction organization, construction management, construction quality, etc.

We are engineering madmen from China

Focusing on the construction of highways, bridges, and tunnels, it has undertaken multiple municipal, expressway, super-long tunnels, and large-scale earthwork projects. The company has complete construction equipment that can meet the needs of municipal, highway, railway, earthwork, and other engineering construction operations.

Chinese professional construction team

Steel structure, architectural decoration, building electromechanical installation, petrochemical, electronic and intelligent engineering construction, equipment installation professional engineering construction, petrochemical engineering, municipal public engineering construction

Jointly expand international engineering projects

Our company constantly seeks new development, undertakes engineering business from multiple parties, and actively participates in business cooperation with central enterprises and local large state-owned enterprises. long-term business partnership.

We can construct for global construction sites

General contracting of construction projects, general contracting of municipal public works construction, supervision of housing construction, supervision of municipal public works, professional contracting of steel structure engineering, professional contracting of foundation engineering, professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering, general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction, urban and Professional contracting of road lighting engineering, general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, professional contracting of ancient architectural engineering, professional contracting of environmental protection engineering, general contracting of highway engineering construction, professional contracting of highway pavement engineering


Construction general contracting


City and road lighting engineering


Professional contracting of fire protection facilities engineering


Environmental engineering professional contracting


Steel structure engineering professional contracting


Mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting

We are a large comprehensive modern construction company with cross-border development

Our company actively expands foreign investment and engineering construction projects in Zambia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries, and undertakes hospitals, schools, intelligence buildings, social security buildings, transportation buildings, grain depots, teacher housing, comprehensive commercial plazas, etc. project